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How Apricot Nourishes The Body

Apricot is a small golden fruit that you may mistake for a peach or tangerine. While somewhat tart, it is more musky or amaretto-like than you might expect. Each apricot fruit contains more than 80 nutrients, including vitamin A and C, B vitamins, and the all-important vitamin B17 that is also known as amygdalin. Amygdalin… Read More »

What you Need to Know when Choosing Between Body Weight Training and Fitness Equipment Workouts

Body weight training and working out with fitness equipment both offer many benefits. When done correctly, each method can offer a great workout. As someone who is always traveling, I find that having a vocabulary of body weight bearing exercises that requires minimal equipment has really helped me. But I also have seen great improvement… Read More »

Woman’s Body Sliced in 27,000 Pieces After Death With Her Consent for THIS Reason

Woman donates her body. (Photo Credit: Youtube/ National Geographic) In a recent incident, a woman from became the first ever human to volunteer their body as a ‘digital cadaver’. Mother-of-two, Sue Potter volunteered to have her body frozen and then sliced into 27,000 hair-thin pieces. These pieces were preserved for over three years and then… Read More »