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Newborn babies' brain responses to being touched on the face measured for the first time

A newborn baby’s brain responds to being touched on the face, according to new research co-led by UCL. Babies use this sense of touch — facial somatosensation — to find and latch onto their mother’s nipple, and should have this ability from birth. Premature babies often have difficulty feeding, and underdevelopment of their facial sensitivity… Read More »

Cara Delevingne Used a Stuffed Monkey to Hide Her Face After She Was Spotted with Rumored GF Ashley Benson

Say you’re supermodel Cara Delevingne and you’ve just been spotted with your rumored GF Ashley Benson. You’re trying not to be seen with her, so do you a) exit through the backdoor of the building b) leave separately from Ashley or c) say ‘F it’ and use a stuffed monkey to cover your face? Well,… Read More »