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Former Aveo CFO found guilty of misleading investors about prospects for cancer drug

The SEC’s two-year battle with Aveo Pharmaceuticals over the company’s embattled kidney cancer drug tivozanib has come to a close with a jury verdict against its former chief financial officer, David Johnston. The guilty verdict—which followed two judgments against Aveo’s former chief executive officer and chief medical officer, plus a settlement that resulted in a… Read More »

Hockey fan, 30, found life-saving kidney donor after holding up a sign at a game

‘I can’t wait to get back to the game’: Hockey fan, 30, found life-saving kidney donor after holding up a homemade sign at a game in desperate bid to survive Kelly Sowatsky, 30, has been in kidney failure for nearly three years due to a sepsis infection  Without a transplant, the young Lanacaster, Pennsylvania teacher… Read More »

They Thought These Raccoons Had Rabies, But Found The Raccoons To Be Drunk

The rabies virus can infect all types of mammals. However, in the United States, common reservoirs are raccoons, skunks, foxes, coyotes, and bats. (Photo: Getty Images)Getty What’s the difference between you and raccoons? If you were to get drunk, your neighbors probably wouldn’t tell the police that you may have rabies. But that’s what happened to… Read More »