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When physicians are cyberbullied: an interview with ZDoggMD

Pseudoscience hate groups of all kinds are targeting physicians who openly advocate for public health issues. This is a favorite intimidation tactic used by anti-vaccine activists: When pediatrician colleague Jen Trachtenberg posted a video for National Immunization Awareness Month 2018, she was blasted with thousands of horrible comments and fake online reviews. I wrote a… Read More »

Interview with Dr. David Rhew, Samsung’s Chief Medical Officer: CES 2019

January 23rd, 2019 Editors Medicine, Public Health, Society Most people think of Samsung as a manufacturer of televisions and smartphones, but the company is much more diversified and in the last few years it has seriously entered the medical space. Samsung now offers its own portable CT scanners, ultrasound machines, radiography systems, and in-vitro diagnostics… Read More »