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Eat Only Twice A Day To Reverse Diabetes: Professor Dr Jagganath Dixit To Popularise Revolutionary Diet Plan

Diabetes diet (Photo Credits: Pexels) Professor Dr Jagannath Dixit, HOD of community medicine and Professor Govt Medical College, Latur, has been appointed by the medical education department as Maharashtra’s brand ambassador for obesity and diabetes treatment, according to a report in The Times of India. Prof Dixit is now reviving a diet plan created by… Read More »

Reverse Common Infertility Issues and Get Pregnant Naturally Posted By : Ryan J. Jelley

It is becoming more and more common for women to have infertility problems. I myself have known many women who have desperately struggled to get pregnant, sometimes with no avail. It is such a sad situation but there is hope. Why do you think that in 2011, women struggle with getting pregnant more so than… Read More »