The One Job Interview Mistake You’re Probably Making

By | February 22, 2019

There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to interviewing for a new gig. Did I answer the questions clearly? Did I talk too fast? There is one thing, however, that you definitely shouldn’t hesitate about: Sending a thank you note.

According to a survey performed by executive search firm Chaloner last year, 75 percent of hiring managers and interviewers didn’t receive thank you notes from interviewees—and for 30 percent of those hiring managers, that’s actually a deal breaker.

As career guru and founder of mentoring group, OK Real, Amy Woodside explains, sending a follow-up note after you interview is being more than just polite, it shows “courtesy and professionalism”—which is absolutely the impression you want to give to the person who could be standing between you and your dream job.

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Woodside suggests sending a simple thank you note, even if the company you’re interviewing with is small, a startup, or seems to have a casual culture. “I’m often shocked at how underrated professionalism is, especially when I interview younger people. I think there can be a misconception that just because the company you are interviewing for is a small startup that doesn’t have, say, corporate attire or a traditional office environment, or is ‘cool’–that you don’t need to be buttoned up when it comes to being on time, having questions prepared, being polite, or making an extra effort,” she told Sporteluxe.

As a general rule, Woodside recommends sending the thank you note within two days of your interview, and to keep it short, to the point, and gracious. “Say that regardless of the outcome you appreciate their time and the opportunity to meet,” she recommends, adding that you should avoid flowery language.

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